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Where do the rare earths that I order come from?

E.WAGENER is compliant with Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act. This act was introduced in the USA in July 2010 and has been legally binding for US companies since then. The Dodd-Frank Act requires companies to disclose so-called "conflict minerals" that are necessary for the manufacture or function of their products. Conflict minerals are minerals whose mining or acquisition supports armed groups. E.WAGENER's minerals do not come from the affected countries and can therefore be exported to the USA without hesitation.

How is a high quality of the products ensured?

The suppliers of our raw materials are carefully selected. However, we also check the materials delivered to us ourselves for their chemical composition, mechanical properties, and depending on the case, also for their dimensional accuracy and surface texture. In addition, all drawing parts at E.WAGENER are checked with a 3D measuring machine. This allows us to ensure a consistently high quality of our products for you.

Is the mining conducted fairly in the producing countries?

As a global importer and exporter of rare materials, E.WAGENER is aware of its responsibility. Unfortunately, we can only have limited influence on the conditions in the individual producer countries and cannot monitor all working conditions on site. Nevertheless, E.WAGENER is committed to Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act and therefore does not import any rare earths from conflict countries. This ensures that our work and your products do not finance armed conflicts.

How complex can the drawing parts that E.WAGENER can produce be?

Of course, there is no general answer to this question, except that they can be quite complex. If you are unsure whether your request can be realized, please send us an inquiry with the drawing and specifications. Then we can create a non-binding offer for you. Your data will, of course, be treated confidentially at E.WAGENER.

What are the limitations of processing a particular material?

Each material is different. In principle, it is of course up to the customer what they want to achieve with the corresponding material. In case of doubt and if the customer wishes, we can be happy to provide advice. Due to decades of experience with various materials, we can usually assess the feasibility very well in advance in most cases.

The commissioned parts are subject to confidentiality agreements. How is secure and confidential handling of transmitted data ensured?

In general, we adhere to applicable data protection guidelines when handling data, which are carefully implemented and followed at E.WAGENER. If a customer has security-related concerns or special requests in this regard, we are happy to get in touch and find a solution that meets the requirements.



Do all drawing parts produced by E.WAGENER take place in-house?

Yes. In 2005, we set up an extended workbench with our ISO-certified main supplier to be able to produce drawing parts ourselves. Before they are sent to us, they are checked by our quality engineer on site. In this way, we achieve industrial standards and you can also handle complex tasks with E.WAGENER.



I am not sure if my requirements can be realized with a specific material. Can E.WAGENER advise me in this regard?

Certainly. We always try to assist and advise our customers in their queries. Although our expertise has limits, we can utilize our network to provide a satisfactory answer for every customer question. Just ask, E.WAGENER is happy to assist you.

What guarantee does E.WAGENER provide for delayed/damaged goods?

E.WAGENER also relies on external suppliers. If an order is delayed, our customers will be informed in advance. Based on our experience, we can estimate the risk and duration of a delay in most cases at the time of order placement and discuss it with our customers. If there are any damages or specification problems at any point in the supply chain, we work closely with our customers to find the best solution. So far, there have been no issues, as we place great importance on the satisfaction of our customers.

How is a secure transportation of products ensured?

At E.WAGENER, we have decades of experience with every material we offer, so we know what is important when it comes to transportation. All goods are therefore properly packaged by experts after being thoroughly inspected for damages. This minimizes the risk of transport damage.

What quantities does E.WAGENER offer?

At E.WAGENER, you can get small quantities starting from a single piece up to very large quantities. Our long-term customers include numerous universities and research groups that rely on small quantities. For individual wires and powders, there may be certain minimum order quantities. It's best to simply ask us for your desired quantity, and we'll let you know if we can fulfill it.

Is it possible to receive material samples?

E.WAGENER offers you the possibility to order very small quantities in advance. In exceptional cases, we may also be able to provide you with material samples if we have the corresponding product in stock. However, in general, the best solution is to order a small quantity in advance. Just let us know your request and we will find the best solution.



Can I also have a prototype made at E.WAGENER?

That's absolutely no problem at E.WAGENER. Thanks to our extended workbench established in 2005, we are able to produce even complex drawing parts. As we have also specialized in small quantities, ordering a single prototype is not a problem either. Just ask us about it and we can provide you with a non-binding offer.



Do you have any further questions?

Please contact us!