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Tantalum a resistant material

Tantalum is a shiny grey, very hard and yet ductile heavy metal from the vanadium group, it is easy to form and weld. Tantalum belongs to the refractory metals, is very resistant to almost all acids (except hydrofluoric acid) and has a high absorption capacity for hydrogen and nitrogen. In nature, tantalum only occurs bound together with niobium.

Tantalum is used in electrical engineering, chemistry, in high-temperature furnace construction, in evaporation plants and even in nuclear technology. Tantalum is added as an alloying component to rust and acid-resistant steels. Tantalum carbide is used for the production of hard metals.

At E.WAGENER you can obtain tantalum in all common forms, alloys and processing forms, always in accordance with your requirements.

Atomic Number


Atomic weight



16.65 g/cm3

Melting temperature

2996 ° C

Boiling temperature

5458 ° C

Tantalum - versatile and yet very precise

On earth tantalum is considered a rare element, the continental crust has a content of 2 ppm, the earth's shell 8 ppm. In the solar system tantalum is even the stable element which occurs the least.

Tantalum is still used in many areas. More than half of the tantalum mined worldwide is used to build very small capacitors with high capacitance. These are mainly used in the manufacture of mobile phones and in automotive engineering. Tantalum can also be used for medical implants because it is non-toxic.

With a melting point of just under 3,000°C and its exceptional resistance to corrosion, tantalum also has numerous applications in the industrial sector.

Tantalum alloys ensure resistance

Thanks to its stable properties, tantalum is used in some levies. In the chemical industry, alloys of tantalum and tungsten can not only line reaction vessels, but also heat exchangers and pumps. Even the so-called superalloys used in the construction of aircraft turbines often contain up to 9% tantalum.

Tantalum generally provides increased strength and increased resistance of the material due to its addition.

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You can get tantalum from E.WAGENER pure or as a component

As a special service, E.Wagener offers you tantalum tailored exactly to your personal application areas. Whether 90, 95 or >99 pure tantalum - we supply it as powder or as a blank. If your requirements are more specific, we can also process it directly into blocks, rods, wires or even into films or sheets. And not only that. E.WAGENER will even create special drawing parts according to your wishes. Our know-how in handling tantalum, acquired over many years, ensures precise production and highest quality.

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