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Standardised parts – bolts

Bolts, nuts, threaded pins and washers made from molybdenum, tantalum and titanium. You can purchase cylinder bolts and countersunk screws, various threaded pins or nuts from us – to either standardised or individual specifications. We have an extensive stock of standardised parts in sizes M1 to M10 made from molybdenum, tantalum and titanium.

Ceramic Products

We are your reliable partner for the procurement and processing of technical ceramics, e.g. Oxide ceramics (alumina, magnesia, zirconium oxide) and non-oxide ceramics (with carbide or nitride). Technical ceramics - also called industrial ceramics or industrial ceramics - have unique material properties and are therefore one of the most powerful materials available.

We offer the following ceramic materials and parts:

  • Semi-finished products: Rods, pipes, flat material, etc.
  • Laboratory parts: bowls, crucibles, etc.
  • Finished parts: Drawing parts of all kinds according to customer requirements