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Titanium - strong and low thermal expansion

Titanium is a silvery white, abundant but difficult to exploit light metal. Titanium is very pliable, weldable, relatively thermally stable and conducts electricity well. Key properties are mechanical strength and low thermal expansion. Titanium is fairly stable in air at room temperature and its corrosion resistance is comparable to that of precious metals.

Highly pure titanium is used as a getter metal to remove the last gas residues in vacuum technology. When constructing chemical plants, corrosion-resistant pure titanium is used. Titanium alloys make excellent construction materials for the shipbuilding and aerospace industries thanks to their great strength, low weight and excellent corrosion resistance. Titanium is a key alloy element in speciality steels.

Atomic Number


Atomic weight



4.5 g/cm3

Melting temperature

1727 ° C

Boiling temperature

3262 ° C


min. required Purity